Market Search is Broken

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I was looking to buy upgraded Walker the other day. Futbin showed around 20K for the min buy now. I set my search criteria to 21K, no 82 Walkers, i even set it to 25K, still nothing. Then i removed the search restrictions, i find a 82 Walker, hit compare price and towards the end there were many listed for 20K-21K (still available as i added to targets without kicking me out), yet people were bidding 24K for the ones about to expire( probably cause they didn't see the cheaper cards as well).

Same thing with SIF Coleman. I was checking him up yesterday, futbin showed 95K min so i search for 100K minimum, only the 84s showed up. I once again used the compare price to find SIFs listed for even 85K(!!!) with the next cheapest being 95K! I added the 85K one to my targets and rushed to sell some players as i didn't have the coins to buy him! He stayed on the market for about 15 minutes before someone bought him!

Now, i'm aware that this is a thing for some time now, however it seems to be getting worse especially with players who have two or more cards.
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