Constant Division 1 Winner... Struggle to get gold 2

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I look at friends n other people who are say div 2 and manage to get elite, I don't understand why in WL I struggle so much... Everyone else I know who is comftable in div 1 gets at least 26+ wins most getting elite and I struggle to get 20 sometimes... Anybody else in a similar situation ?


  • maksi
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    You need more sweat.
  • Primal
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    Tbh alot of people dont play alot of d1 anymore so not really a true reflection. Also WL is on a dedicated server..WL you need to control every game and make sure you take your chances. When you say 20 wins how are you getting there? For example do you win 5 lose 5 etc.

    Im in d1 and finish elite 1/2 but compare me to the top 50 players and id get destroyed. People are good at exploiting the game mechanics and in order to do well unfortunately youll have to do the same.
  • Primal
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    Also forgot to mention in divisions people just go for it whereas WL they try and grind the game out by going defensive/no pressure and hitting on the counter
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