How did Marcos Rojo not get an upgrade?

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I completely forgot about him until just looking at the United lineup for the game and remembered he's been an 83 CB in seasons for a month and yet somehow he didn't get an upgrade, while the likes of Son got +1s which barely altered their stats. Makes absolutely no sense.


  • Job188
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    Because he didn't deserve one lol
  • holdenwait
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    edited February 2017
  • TeamRem
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    I'm not sure a gold has ever gotten a +5 and not gotten an upgrade, especially in the premier league. Good shout out.
  • Orikoru
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    Because he's crap.
  • MichaelLeeds75
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    Orikoru wrote: »
    Because he's crap.

    So True :smiley:

  • Daveofwales01
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    I really like the amount of effort he puts in but he's not good enough for man united, just a bit short of the required level.
  • hankiecutsit
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    Job188 wrote: »
    Because he didn't deserve one lol

    How did he not? Actually became good and was upped by 5 in the regular database. Rashford got an upgrade for nothing so that's not a factor.
  • Joe
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    Because not everyone who was upgraded in H2H got upgraded in FUT? Makes perfect sense.
  • RayS
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    I'm with @hankiecutsit on this one. I've watched every single one of Man U's games this season or at least watched highlights of some domestic cup games, and the way Rojo played alongside Jones in central defense when Smalling and Bailly were out definitely deserved some upgrade.
  • hankiecutsit
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    Joe wrote: »
    Because not everyone who was upgraded in H2H got upgraded in FUT? Makes perfect sense.

    They gave out +1s which changed about 3 in-game stats but not a +5 that also had a position change, there's clearly no method to choosing who does and doesn't get an upgrade and just because they do it like this doesn't mean it makes sense.
  • rckstr
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    he's trash
  • bberger
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    I seriously believe that they make another event of position changed players..
  • WFCBagnall
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    Position change boosted his rating, not performances.
  • AaronMFC
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    beats me fishcer got an upgrade and has barely played whereas gibson is still rated 70 despite being worthy of tots squad imo a lot of it just seems random
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