What is IF CB azpilicueta like???

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Too small or is that not too much of a problem? What's his pace/strength like?


  • adzm123
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    Brilliant. Put a anchor on him and his jumping increases to around 90 in game and he has decent strength, best thing about him is his touch when he is on the ball
  • Halfhand2
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    Fantastic, height doesn't seem a problem for me.
    Always catches up any striker, I use him in WL/div 1 games only.
  • rankon.
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    Better than smalling as long as he has anchor
  • Judd
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    Wow he is probably one the best CB I have used he reads the game so well and the amount of times he knocked 88 lukaku off the ball was unbelievable. One of the tackles he did from behind to win the ball back when he was through on goal. I won 2-0 he got MoTM first game with 8.6!!
  • Korlezz
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    As good if not better than smalling dont worry about his size
  • FaFiFa
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  • Skrt_Skrt
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    Very good.
  • Dexdan
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    Decent but
    FaFiFa wrote: »

  • SeaDawgBob
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    If you're using a form with 3 CBs he's about as good as it gets for an outside CB. If you're using a 4atb he could be susceptible to crosses (especially if you're playing with someone with Height and/or High aggression)
  • I use him on LB (chem 7; IF 86) and he is TOP. On the other side is IF Coleman 86. Two of them are killers for wingers.
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