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MK Dons = Alli SBC

209 posts Sunday League Hero
Is it possible to finish this with the bronce MK Dons players on the market, or do i have to snipe the silvers... or just give up :-)


  • You have to snipe high silvers for the rest of the league,can be done with 2 bronzes.
  • sheffutd87
    3441 posts National Call-Up
    I found the high rated silvers harder to get than MK dons silvers.
    When I did it every 68+ was extinct and 10k sniping.
    Made sense for me to snipe a couple of MK silvers and fill the gaps in with some of the cheaper silvers and not rely on the higher rated ones
  • Yeah when I did it I sniped the 68 rated don striker and 65 rated CB and the rest 66 silvers with one 71 CB I believe but I did it before upgrade so nothing was extict.
  • Nobber9
    21 posts Last Pick at the Park
    I just payed 40k for the MK Dons challenge
  • InfernaL
    1451 posts Play-Off Hero
    I was able to do it with 2 MK Dons bronze players. I had one in the club and I spent about 60k opening bronze packs and I ended up getting another one, still made profit from selling the content.
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