Manual shooting ain't what it says

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Anyone else see this kind of thing?

I don't know about other modes or positions(*) but I'm doing a Player Career with a CAM player using all manual controls. When you select manual shooting the game says the shot goes in the direction that you point, and the longer you hold down the shoot button the more power it gets.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but in my experience this is bulldust, especially the "direction that you point" bit. When my player shoots the shot is frequently 15, 20, 30 degrees away from the direction I point at or just after the instant I press the shoot button. (I've taken to holding the left stick in position after I shoot so I can look at the controller and see where it was pointing.) 45 to 60 degrees difference is not uncommon, and I've just had one attempted volley where I pointed straight at the net from right in front of the middle of goal and the shot went almost parallel to the goal line, about 80 degrees off. I've seen it that bad occasionally for regular shots too.

At first I thought it was just a bit of inherent bias that varies between left and right foot, but having kept an eye on it for a while now that doesn't explain it.

I also thought it might be simply a timing problem in the game, i.e. the game taking the direction you were pointing at or even a little before you shot instead of a afterwards (as happens for passing - you press the pass button, but you can then point somewhere else in the moment - or the two seconds - before the pass is implemented). However I've seen 30-40 degree divergences when I don't move the stick at all before and after the shot.

I've also seen a bunch of miraculous shots like you get with assisted shooting (e.g. aiming for the far post, but slotting it through the small gap between the keeper and the near post instead, or shooting and seeing the ball curve nicely a couple of millimetres past one defender, then between a small gap between by two different defenders and finally through the keepers legs with only an inch to spare either side. You know the kind of thing ;-)

The shot strength doesn't seem to be all that strongly correlated with the length of time I press the shoot button either. All too often a short press will see the ball hammered either over or on to the bar (and the same happens when you're five yards or twenty yards away). On other occasions the shot will travel quite slowly instead.

The game obviously needs some mechanism to make stronger players play better than weaker ones, so you have to assume that it adds error to shots (and passes and crosses etc.) However firstly I've had the error sliders turned down to zero to reduce that factor to a minimum, which I'd hope would help me learn to aim in the right direction. And secondly this player is now rated at 97-99 for all the main dribbling/shooting/passing attributes, so if any player is going to have minimal game-added error, it should be him. Ironically, due to the game bugs he's only rated 52 for heading, but I'm finding that his shooting accuracy isn't a whole lot better than his heading accuracy!

All of that means I'm having of a lot of difficulty believing that manual mode operates the way it says it does (and we could also talk about how manual passing and crossing operate while we're at it). Is anyone else that uses manual controls feeling like the player exactly follows what they do on their controller when shooting? What about passing and crossing?

(*) I saw a post a few weeks ago complaining about CAM shooting being screwed up after the most recent patch. It might be a CAM-specific issue.


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    The game (in career mode) will randomly decrease your stats to make a game harder. It is an incredibly frustrating feature for sure. I guess it is to simulate that we all have "bad days at the office". The commentators even have a little punchline to this effect "kind of sums up the day he has been having".
    I have learned to take a deep breath, stop trying to score myself and focus on making short passes and getting a team mate into a scoring position. Once this wall has been torn down, the game will (with almost 95% accuracy in my experience), do the following. In the 90th minute the opponent will get a corner. You will be stationed upfield. One of your team will head the ball towards you. It will land right at your feet. For once you will be able to out-sprint your opponent. The goalie will for once be terrible in a one on situation. You will score....and...feel...restored.
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    Yes, I think that happens but I'm not sure that effect explains what I'm seeing. A large majority of shots are significantly off the direction I'm aiming, and a surprising number of them are ludicrously so. I'd guess that would require a Finishing stat drop from 97 down to somewhere near single figures! The distribution of apparent shooting errors is much broader than with semi-assisted or assisted shooting. Ironically, I was trying to take back control hoping to eliminate most of the AI's annoying interventions by going full manual!

    I guess it's possible that it brings some stats down to single figures, but I'd expect it to similarly affect other stats too. Either way it makes a mockery of the claim that manual goes where you point it and with the power you ask for.

  • 10th4r
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    Not long after I wrote that last comment I had a game where my player had 10 shots and all of them went pretty much where I thought I was aiming them. He scored 4 goals, three of them slotted in across the face of goal on fairly narrow angles.

    The next few games were back to "normal", with many shots exhibiting large differences between where I thought I was aiming and where the ball actually went.

    It's almost like manual mode doesn't go where you aim it unless the AI decides to allow it to do so - or as one of the other posts put it "why you aren't in control".
  • SACanuckinOz
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    I read somewhere that "manual" is really just a myth. EA does not really allow you manual control, given how heavily scripted this game is currently
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    Yeah, I have difficulty believing manual is really manual. I could believe manual has added shot error in order to differentiate the high stats players from low stats players, but the shots I took aiming for just inside the far post that squeezed through the tiny gap to score just inside the near post seemed awfully like they were outright assisted.
  • SVKslato8
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    I play full manual since FIFA15 so I am pretty used to it but this year its different. I think its really not manual but kind of insane difficulty. The manual switching is not manual because it often switches to different player without my command, this happens when my player is near the free ball, but since you dont expect it you move different way with your other commanding player. This is why manual pass is very often missed when not totally accurate. Also the support after ball is received is in manual totally OFF. It takes ages for your player to turn or receive the ball ideally.
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