WTF is this team

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To set the scene I needed 1 point for promotion and had 1 game left. On this run, had started playing some really nice football and then I ran into this team

A BPL 442 team pops up on the loading screen

Remy Musa ok nothing surprising there

Walcott Depay Lennon Sane

um ok Depay and Lennon in central midfield

Moreno PVA Walker Bellerin

um ok PVA and Walker in central defence


So I will admit I do tend to struggle against the 442, dont know why but still felt confident coming up against that team
Lloris seems to play God like against me so knew I needed to be clinical when I got my chances

That team should not play how it played, on paper, I should be swamping the central midfield and defence yet his team was everywhere. Even more infuriating was that team was more solid in defence, than my lineup of
Shaw, Smalling Reid and Bellerin, plus Kante shielding the back 4. Yet I had no defence, just gaping holes

Needless to say I lost 3-0. When I did get chances Lloris just plucked them out of the air like they were nothing, everything else his "defenders" were in the perfect position to block any shots.

Eurgh this game, its impossible not to rage at it


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