So... Where is CB Azpi?

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Forget Moses, Alonso & Kante.

Azpi has been the biggest revelation this season. Even if he doesn't get an UP, where's his position change!



  • Psymon_v
    596 posts An Exciting Prospect
    I wanted and expected this too.
  • Izzy2K17
    11698 posts Has That Special Something
    Don't they release a batch of just position changes eventually
  • Jason1986
    6964 posts Big Money Move
    Moses, Alonso and Kante playing better than you would expect from a 77, 77 and 81 (respectively).

    Azpilicueta (and Luiz IMO) are having good seasons but both being an 84 rated card seems about right to me.

    Maybe they should have released an Azpil CB card but kept the 84 rating.
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