Do ratings matter?

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I'm beginning to think not a single rating actually does anything. 25 standing tackle has zero trouble tackling. A striker moved to the midfield with 70 passing will be just as random as Iniesta. 95 ball control will have a random first touch just like anyone else. Everybody gets ran down by Smalling and Bailly no matter what the sprint speed rating is. Neuer and Butland are basically the same guy. 99 finishing and 65 finishing are basically the same if you do a low driven shot. Does any rating matter in this game?


  • SupaNoodle1990
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    Manolas scored against me from 30 yards last weekend, ratings mean nothing.
  • Furrag85
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    Not as much as we believe; it's all in the traits attached to cards.

    Having used Neuer for 500 games, and Butland this WL, Neuer **** all over Butland.
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