EA need to remove a lot of the animations that the player has no control over

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A few examples:

When you cut off a passing lane and your player opens his legs to let the ball go right through

Your opponent passes the ball right to your defender and he flails his leg out having the ball deflect off him straight to another attacker

You pass to your player and they randomly stretch their leg out deading any momentum you had going forward

Your opponent passes the ball straight to your defender and sprints up with the guy he was trying to pass to and auto-tackles the ball right off perfectly (yet making a tackle with a defender makes the ball bounce away rather than sticking to his foot like every striker in the game can do)

I won't act like I've lost a game solely to these animations, but they certainly factor in for me and my opponent. I just want this game to be better and they've introduced some really good things this year but the countless gameplay issues have severely detracted from that. FIFA will never be a true eSport until they fix these, and many more, glaring issues and finally open up to the community about how this game works.


  • Painter753
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    Preaching to the choir my friend. Everyone agrees but EA will never do it because they want little Johnny 12 year old to be able to win games undeservedly
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    I despise the short free kick animation. You get a free kick given against you that wasn't actually a foul and then your last man spends 30 seconds complaining to the ref at which point your opponent is now breaking on your last man
  • MAStrange
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    They also need to open up about the 2 unmentionables which everyone knows are in the game but apparently we aren't allowed to talk about!
    6 games into the WL and I've never encountered such complete and utter BS that hinders the gameplay. If I'm better than my opponent or he's better than me just let the result be what it is instead of implementing the BS
  • Furrag85
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    Painter753 wrote: »
    Preaching to the choir my friend. Everyone agrees but EA will never do it because they want little Johnny 12 year old to be able to win games undeservedly
  • tikitaka33
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    The shots through the legs of a perfectly positioned defender need to stop.
  • ManTrain
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    tikitaka33 wrote: »
    The shots through the legs of a perfectly positioned defender need to stop.

    Somewhere I have a triple nut meg saved... through 2 defenders and the GK
  • deepdish1
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    throw ins, when you cant control your player as he is having a moment and your opponent has an easy throw
  • pittphan
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    agreed OP... and this is what the steamer Inception goes on about in good vs. bad gameplay. If you see the things that you have outlined above happening in your game, chances are you are playing in bad (to very bad) gameplay... and the game is more luck based than skill based. This is why we get so infuriated - I think we all can admit when we've been beaten by a better player, but losing due to chance or randomness is not easy to accept when it happens so often.

  • MAStrange
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    I'm fed up of working a great position for a through ball only for the Eaids to decide to pass or wherever the **** it chooses!
  • MAStrange
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    For the fourth game out of 10 so far I've gone 2-0 up and then for some "unknown!!" reason my players lose all ability to pass a ball, stop making runs, can't tackle etc etc. Kudos for the elite players who can overcome this BS but when your game is based on possession and slow passing build up it completely destroys the game. As much as I detest it I can see why people play ptb counter attack as this eradicates a lot of the opportunity for the game to inflict it's Eaids!
  • gettysburg11
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    My least favorite of them all is when you get the ball tackled off of you and instead of staying on his feet and trying to win it back, your player goes for the dramatic knee slide instead.
  • Napoli9
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    this is probably the closet thread ive been waiting for all season. All the ranting and raving is really about the crappy animations that dont make sense... once in a while ok but every game when an opponent scores due to a leg going up out of nowhere, when im controlling that player is infuriating. I can understand the animation happening when its the ai, but when its the player im controlling and he does that it really does hit my buttons.
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