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Fuming tbh..

Just got to the draft final, playing the game guy spam invites me to a party, before pressing play so to get him to enter the game I accept, go into the party.. then all of a sudden he accepts asked his friend in the party 'jay are you ready yeah?' his mate replies 'yeah' i leave party, we start the game I go 1-0 down, he instantly pauses the game as the ball crosses the line.

It starts lagging on the countdown weird ive just played 4 games fine and came back on the servers completely fine.. he then pauses straight away again, get down to 1 on the count and suddenly I have lost my connection to the EA servers, what the hell just happened!?

Sad that people have to resort to these horrible scummy tactics!

Had his gamertag posted but had to remove I am so annoyed whats the point wasting a casual few quid to play a few drafts if things like this are allowed to happen..


  • dopetothemax
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    Unfortunately you aren't allowed to name and shame on here so I would suggest editing that part out. However, report him to EA and to Xbox. That's your best course of action. Sorry that happened btw, scummy move.
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    Sorry didn't know about the shaming thing just wanted others to avoid him tbh.. im absolutely fuming its not like I needed the 4th win but when it was like my 5th draft ive ever done and I was hammering him, possession wise he scored 1 lucky goal on the break then this happens I am so annoyed and I know typical EA's response of oh heres a few free gold packs! thanks for nothing EA
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