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Could EA stop counting their earnings and pay for some better programmers?
Glitches, coin farming, bugs.

I have been currently in the Gold Communicaty Cup final, I was winning 2:1 in 71st minute and guess what 'ea servers' oh sorry mate, you have been disconnected from the EA servers, and here I'm, wasting over 1hr without any results just because your servers are completely rubbish and atrocious.

Every fifa player knows how much you have messed up the FIFA UT experience by being completely arrogant.
We all know you can't fix coin farming, you can't fix any glitches, you can't fix any bugs and all you do are pointless promises such as 'we want you to have the best possible expierence' blah.. blahh... blahhh....!

It would be great if you would be really sorry and pay for every controller and item which has been damaged during your game just because your employees are too goddamn lazy to code a game without millions of bugs.


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    No answers? ❤️❤️❤️❤️ great forum, another peasent just 'rage quitted' after I was 3:0 up, WHERE ARE MY POINTS?
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    youve got 1 post......people who have been here a while has seen hundreds of these posts....
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    That's probably because I'm trying to enjoy the game and EA doesn't care as long as they make millions per day.
  • EGY-Aviatorz
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    eh well . i was in the semi final of the BPL Tournament and won , so i logged out to take a break , when i was back all was reset . so thats fifa
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