Need help with TIF Eriksen

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I bought TIF Eriksen (with a hunter card) 2 day ago. Only had time for 4 matches.
I have to admit that his passing is insane, more than 2 assists per game.
But when it comes to shooting I always hit the post. Literally all my shots (17!!! in 4 games) came back from the post. The situation didn't matter: long shots, finesse shots, chip shots heck even the low long post shots... The result was the same..

With hunter his shooting stats are:
95 Shooting
99 Positioning
95 Finishing
99 Shot Power
95 Long Shots
88 Volleys
91 Penalties

What should I do? Never had the same issue with any other player. Maybe apply a different chem style?
Any help would be most welcome!


  • Hitting the post that often is an anomaly. Keep shooting. The EAids will wear off eventually.
  • yiddo13
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    Mines running with Maestro on. Can't say I've noticed any issue with the posts. Usually the top corner needs to be more concerned with getting a battering. Might have just been one of those sessions. Not sure if I'd use Hunter on him but obviously if you bought him with it on worth trying.
  • BiigDee
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    I would take it as 1 of them games where sometimes you can get 3/4 in a row of them. I always finish the same and play the same way yet my strikers can get plenty but every so often I will get them games where I miss from 5 yards going well wide or hit the wood work. No idea why it happens but I'm left raging as I know I would usually bury it. Stick with it mate and see what happens. I didn't get on with Eriksen and went back to pogba
  • C4rt
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    Thank you guys! Bought him because I used him in Draft and he was so awesome. Recently I used a BPL-La Liga Hybrid and had James in CAM position but the WL restriction made me change him.

    I hope I will have time to play a few games today and he will convince me or I will have to come up with a plan B for the weekend. :smile:
    DarkManX14 wrote: »
    Hitting the post that often is an anomaly. Keep shooting. The EAids will wear off eventually.

    You might be right, I felt that the game didn't want me to win.. The best example was when I got a red card for touching a shielding opponent but he didn't even fall.. That was the moment I decided to call it a day. I think I might upload the video to make some people laugh :lol:

  • Delboy13710
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    I got mine on hawk and he's long shots are insane just fiddle around until you find what works best .
  • Cahir85
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    Maestro works for me.
  • serrer7
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    Cahir85 wrote: »
    Maestro works for me.

  • Jaysin
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    gotten the best results with that hunter card. Just play a couple more games with him and you'll have a monster on your hands very soon :)
  • I had exactly the same problem. When I first got him I must have been hitting the post 3 times a match. You work it out though. He's going to be my top scorer soon.
  • Xpglobe
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    DarkManX14 wrote: »
    Hitting the post that often is an anomaly. Keep shooting. The EAids will wear off eventually.
    Same here with him and Jesus otw post magnet
  • C4rt
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    It seems like sticking with him paid off. The number of hitting the post is still high but now the ball bounces into the net.
    One game I scored a hatrick in the first 25 minutes (2 from the post) :)
    Played 6 games yesterday, he scored 9 goals and gave 11 assists. He was the man of the match every game!
    I hope he will perform the same in the WL :)

  • Cmarinho182
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    He will. This guy is an automatic amazing player. Sometimes i think he plays buy himself. I feel like i couldn't score those goals. 35 to 38 yards free kicks are almost every time a goal. Wont even say the closest ones.
  • I found you have play him at CAM. and on player instructions set him to free roam + stay forward, and he just transforms. I thought he was a waste of money but since I set him to free roam he is always in a good position and bangs them in for fun. now my best player even has more goals than my 86 son and 87 lukaku.
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