Why is it always the same type of player that gets the BS in their favor?

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It's always the guy that has no clue how to defend. Sprinting around, pulling guys out of position, reckless slides, spamming the tackle button and lunging all over the place, etc. It's always this guy that gets the stupid bounces. The only offense they have is constant through balls straight at your defender and then they attempt to auto tackle the defender with the guy they passed to. These games are the most frustrating to play, because you know your opponent isn't very good and he just gets by on these stupid lucky breaks and bounces.

By the way, why is button spam a thing? What competitive game has a button spamming element embedded in so many aspects? Spam for a header, spam for a clearance, spam for a pass, spam for a shot, spam for a tackle. There is literally no reason to time anything.
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