EA Servers and chat support

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Just a little thing from my chat and complaint today after another unplayable weekend league and same so far in seasons this week. Although they like to keep blaming our ISP's I am pretty sure EA know and are aware that the main issue is their servers. This is just a snippet from one of the chat guys who yes sure i know aren't full of help or info but surely just helps show something is up and they know about it...they tend to give basic responses that they are told to pass down from managers or others above them.

Apparently they are working on the servers, maintaining them etc but they are aware how many people will play and buy the game so surely can cater for that and ensure it is playable!

"Please keep on playing the game as the team is also working to fix the issue with the servers."

"Millions of people are playing the game so it is quite understandable that the server might face issues as it is just a machine."

"The you must have a strong connection and you have performed all the steps to fix the issue suggested by the Specialist. Now we have nothing more to do than post the issue on forums because you will get help directly from the Studio team." **laughed at this one, obviously he doesn't know how little help or feedback posts here get from anyone in a position to action or pass it on!


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    Not as bad as when a chat support guy told me that the no loss glitch was 'a rumor spread by social media that didn't actually exist', this is the best bull ive heard from them by far
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