ea are only bothered about ultimate team

it seems to me like ea are only bothered about ultimate team because thats a way for them to earn additional money rather than career mode, more effort needs to be made to improve career money, they could add things like stadium expansions and building a new stadium instead of being stuck with the one you choose at the start of the career, training facilities for better growth on the players you don't use in training, an under 23's/youth league that you can monitor if a youth player is worth signing,youth academy just seems kind of pointless as they do nothing but wait for you to release them or offer them a deal,sponsership deals for additional money,yes i like the fact you have board expectations this year but some can be so unrealistic, i did a blackpool career and i got told to make a profit margin of 8.5 million in a season, that's never going to be possible to complete along with the other expectations, personally i think it would be great if fifa got the licensing to put the national league premier,north and south leagues into the game as it will seem more realistic when managing a small league two team and you loan a couple of your youngsters out to teams in the same league, i reckon it would be a great addition

yes improve ultimate team too i don't mind that one bit, but just don't forget about the people who love to play career modes
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