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transfer negotiations failing in career mode

the problem i'm facing is that when i list my players up on career mode, the transfers fail after a few days
i started a blackpool career last night and i listed 9 players up for transfer,the offers come in for the players and i choose to accept that offer and for about 2/3 players everything works as it should, but then comes the problem i still get offers for the remaining 6/7 players i accept them then advance a few days in the game and go to transfer negotiations and they have failed saying player rejected offer. for example on the latest squad update nathan delfouneso is valued at 675k and his wages are 4.4k an offer came in from blackburn for 600k and i accepted, went on transfer negotiations and it said they had offered him 10k wages a few days later it comes up saying player rejected offer. blackpool are in league two and blackburn are in the championship there is no way a player would reject this offer. again this is just an example of the players that fail to sell, i know it's not squad depth because i have brought in transfers and loans to bulk out the team to test if this was the case. after signing a few players on this career i simulated it till january '17 and i list the players that i bought at the start of the career, again the same issue, so i can purchase players yet i can't sell them on again, i've tried including them in player plus cash deals for other players but again it fails with the same player rejected offer

i have tried this with arsenal, man utd, portsmouth and blackpool i've also reinstalled the game twice and i even went to the extreme of resetting my xbox to factory settings incase it was a bug on the xbox itself, i've tried different profiles and previous saves, nothing works, someone please tell me i'm not alone in this so we can get it sorted out


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