Imagine if it were more difficult to make tackles

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This game would be so much more fun. Simple changes to just the tackling mechanics alone would make this game miles better.

-Make the tackling rating mean something. Right now the difference between 25 standing tackle and 99 is basically nothing.

-Completely remove auto tackling. If you don't press the tackle button, you don't get a tackle. Seems logical enough.

-On that note, punish tackle spammers. If you're running around lunging like a moron and spamming the tackle button you should be punished. Make it take longer to recover from a bad tackle attempt and make there be more fouls committed on a bad tackle attempt.

-Make it more difficult to tackle from behind. It's far too easy to take your 90 pace attacker and sprint back and spam the tackle button and have him get one of those broken tackle animations where he wraps his leg around and rips the ball away.

Couple that with fixing the foul system to actually make sense and the game would be a hell of a lot more fun IMO.


  • iitalic
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    I agree. I mite be in the minority of people who miss zig zag dribbling but that was a lot more fun then being afraid of ozil sprinting at me because I can't dribble around him with ronaldo.
  • dopetothemax
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    As usual, nobody seems to care to discuss improvements for the game and then they wonder why the game is filled with flaws ever single year
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