OTW Pjanic price

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I was expecting his price to rise when out of packs but it's still around 94k. Do we think it will steadily rise soon??

I have 10 of them!


  • Prinzar
    596 posts An Exciting Prospect
    I'm not expecting any major change until he gets some hype for an IF
  • SvenderBender
    178 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Bosnia is playing gibraltar at home in march.. i think. Usually he gets all the assists for us against weaker teams so hold onto them
  • Mr_Matchup1
    4398 posts National Call-Up
    I wouldn't be expecting quick returns with otw cards you need to get lucky personally mane and depay would have been the best investments depay should be a star in France once he finds his feet and mane is Liverpool best player
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