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So, I had 1 untradable Alisson in my club, still from the start of fut, so decided to throw him in tradeble winters OTW SBC. Never did any OTW SBC before, this was the first. So I bought the remaining players for around 25k, and I was like: I will get a player that's worth 40k, so still 15k winning. I never got pack luck, always **** from packs. And I really needed coins to finish my new team, yesterday I bought fifa points for €25,-, but only got like 20k coins from it... so anyway, I opened it, Draxler came out :) 160k, so yeah happy with that! Just wanted to share this with u if u don't mind haha, damn I wish I splashed all my coins on these SBC, but I just bought my new team so don't wanna sell again + prices for the SBC are at highest now...


  • D909
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    nice, i have **** luck with anything that isnt untradeable so i dont know how that feels, must feel great
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