Finally encountered the craziness

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For the most part the game has been pretty consistent. Yeah, stupid stuff happened but not that often for me.

So last night I tried bronze benching as an experiment to see what happens and with my main squad plus IF Iborra and IF Yaya as subs still ended with an 81 rated team. Ok, let's see what happens. Now this thread isn't about any of the forbidden words or anything like that, just the crazy stuff that happened that I've never seen. Maybe it was just my turn in line to have all the weird stuff happen and the bronze benching was coincidence. I dunno.

1st game: Players ran away from the ball when passed to. Player switching didn't respond at all (input lag perhaps) game finishes 3 -3 draw where I would call all of the goals "gifts"

2nd game: Holy monkeys! This was nuts. First goal against me, entire defensive line parted like the red sea to let opponent free run in on goal. Then I get a corner, opponent heads it out but only to edge of box. N'Zonzi chests it down, runs through (literally right through like a ghost) 3 or 4 players all clogged together and puts ball on goal. Keeper parrys, goes right to Draxler just chilling at the far post to tap it in. Tie game. Opponent then gets a corner, my keeper punches it out and opponent's IF Valencia straight up one time volleys the punch from 40 yards out, keeper epic fail dives to nowhere ball goes in under the bar, doesn't even hit the bar. The madness continues from there. Another 3-3 draw.

Now I know what everyone has been talking about when out of the clear blue the game goes to complete ❤️❤️❤️❤️ and madness ensues. smh


  • AliasMaurice
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    I've stopped bronze benching few days ago. Now have 2 85 rated teams and can't buy a win in seasons. Team plays fine but just won't make final pass on finish good chances. Game after game. Crashed into division 3 and lost first 3. Played in daily knockout won 9 2.
  • Jaedric_Kaine
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    yeah, it's pretty streaky. I won like 7 games in a row and now have lost 7 and drawn 2. Nothing out of the ordinary opponent wise. Crazy and frustrating.
  • NornIron
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    Imagine that 99% of the time bronze benching or not. Only i cant even score now because everything is blocked.
  • pittphan
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    OP it sounds like what I experience in D1 all the time I get so many draws that are filled with randomness and strangeness. I am basically at the point where I have no desire to play divs because I don't feel in control of the game - just along for the ride. I almost always have 3 (no more) bronze players on my bench - to bring squad rating down a bit and because I can only use 3 subs anyway.
  • SSSplendid
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    This is normal gameplay for a lot of people, and thats not even how bad it gets lol.
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