EA; sort the gameplay out!

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It's awful, and there's a continuation of the 4-1-2-1-2(2) pre-patch.

CDM's don't protect the defence. The result is 4-3-1-2, driven passes to CAM's for a 3 vs 2 CB's counter. I'm bored of the most unoriginal boring FIFA player doing this. A Youtuber must have released a video.

Further to that, they then try rather than spamming through balls to Musa or Vardy, but LT + RT to the byline and look for a tap-in. It is ruining your game.

I'm sick of having Boateng on the edge of the 18 yard box when I get a corner. I shouldn't have to set defensive to stop myself being countered. It's rubbish that the opponent seems to have an equal or greater chance of scoring from my own corner.

It's rubbish how from kick off at the start of a game, it's unlikely you can run straight through your opponents and score, but after they've scored a goal, whatever coding is in the gameplay, allows me to run past them, benefiting from any player switching issues/button lag as they try to make a tackle.

I say it's boring, but the reality is it's actually the FIFA community. VERY unoriginal sheep who follow the crowd or Youtube hype vids to look for exploits, and to suck any fun the game once had. Dull as dishwater.
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