Free packs WTF???

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Logged in on my console and I have 5 free rare mega packs and 2 premium gold packs. Obviously not complaining but I have no clue where they came from. Haven't had any issues with losing players and haven't contacted EA about anything.

Possibly a present for my ridiculous spending on UT???


  • Tietherope
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    Holy ❤️❤️❤️❤️. EA just gave me the 12 50k packs I bought when OTW Winter was supposed to be in packs.
  • Peter
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    I better have my packs back
  • ManTrain
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    I was doing some of the SBC on the companion app and kept getting errors but I was doing the summer tradeable/untradeable. Got 2 OTW winter players and some other stuff worth while. I'll take the free 150k+
  • VerdePride
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    Got 1 mega pack and 3 premium players packs
  • ManTrain
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    i just realized it's compensation from the packs I opened earlier
  • Peter
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    Oh wow

    1x silver players pack
    1x prime gold players pack
    2 x 2 81+ packs
    1 x rare players pack
    2 x premium gold players packs
    1 x gold pack
    1 x premium gold jumbo
    1 x rare gold pack
    4 x mega packs
  • Olleman
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    edited February 2017
    Seems that we got what we opened when they where suppose to be in packs :) Wish I had open more now :joy:
  • neil34
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    i did one tradeable sbc yesterday- got jesus

    then today got 16 packs- 2 tradeables one to watch (adriano and some italan goalkeeper) in one pack

    since converted to ones to watch tradeable jovetic and morata(pity as he wont be playing)

    and yes the beast kouliably from the african team of the tournament
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