Keylor Navas?

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I know for the most part keepers are kind of all the same but I've been using Lloris for many months now and I'm thinking of changing to Varane-Pepe defense and wondering if Navas is good or a let down. Stats are a bit lower than Lloris but with god-like Butland I'm skeptical that stat difference will even matter.



  • pekkaa88
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    I hated him. Changed to oblak who was just fine
  • PJazz
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    We are not all the same :open_mouth: I don't use BPL for example :)
    I love Navas! I've played more than 350 games with him and I'm very pleased.
    If you are planning to use Varane - Pepe than Navas should be your GK.

    This is my team atm. I got promoted from Div.4 to Div.2 in 2 days.


    P.S: I use James Rodriguez every 2 or 3 games. Valderrama has such a weak stamina. That's his biggest problem tbh
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