Xbox one vs ps4

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Well after being xbox for 9 yrs I decided to get a ps4 along side my one and below I list the difference I've experienced.

Ps4 pros
Healthy market.
Game quits rare.
Smoother shots.

Ps4 cons
Lag switchers.
Bad passing.
Op lower season teams

Xbox pros
Tactic abusers.
Cheap players.
Predictable market.
Close dribble op

Xbox cons
Pack luck defines experience.

My point there Both screwed by EA's lack of competences.


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    PC any good?
  • GodsGimp87
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    I disagree on a few points.

    Ps4 pros
    Healthy market. (True)
    Game quits rare. (People do this on both consoles)
    Smoother shots. (Gameplay is same on both consoles)

    Ps4 cons
    Lag switchers. (Not a real thing. Closest you can get is downloading while other player has ball)
    Bad passing. (Same Gameplay on both consoles)
    Op lower season teams (exact same on both consoles)

    Xbox pros
    Tactic abusers.(once again same tactics on both consoles)
    Cheap players. (You just stated op cheap teams as a con on ps4)
    Predictable market.(no idea what this means or how it's a pro)
    Close dribble op (same Gameplay on both consoles)

    Xbox cons
    Disconnects.(same on both consoles....there's a pattern here)
    Pack luck defines experience. (Different people like playing with different teams. For example I'm using a Dutch team this weekend league)
    Legends. (Depends on preference)
    People. (Such a broad sweeping statement that's pretty judemental)

    All in all I disagree with you but yh each to their own.
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