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1 Man Team PS4 help?

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Iv got 1million coins, team is mostly full of sbc players wasted over a mill doing them and untradeable players (I spent 1.5Million on players for 350 and built hundreds of two player gold upgrade packs) few weeks into fifa. Most them players gone from using them in other SBCs now par from the obvious good players I kept (Packed Pogba, OTW dembele and 86 Dybala) just asking for advice on who would be the best player possible player to get for 1Mill no worries about Chem I'll sort that lol, all I hear from elite players is complaints so I also ask... is Messi anygood with low stamina ? Is bale clunky? Neymar to weak? Does inform Rues go missing? Aguero inconsistent finishing? Suarez poor balance effect him?


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