Lock on player vs playing as team

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Just wondering if anybody has comments about any differences they experience with the two modes.

I always play locked on to my main player (CAM) in order to control the midfield and the flow of the game (we play a very high tempo attacking style of football at my Ajax). I like to set the team tactics via the team sheet, but then let the AI handle the players, as I am no good at defending, while the AI handled defenders play great, exactly as instructed (as do my other players, who I set up pretty detailed). My main player, the CAM has free roam, so can step in to defend as needed, or interrupt the opposition flow, and get the team attacking again. Opposition teams therefor struggle to get attacks going, and hardly ever get a lot of time in front of goal, even when they dominate the possession (typically it is about 50:50 though).

So I just wonder: does the CPU AI play differently in the two modes?

I play legendary, with Operations Sports team set ups, and recommended sliders


  • SACanuckinOz
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    Nobody else play locked on?

    I find the biggest difference is the orientation of the field, which is viewed as you would while actually playing (looking at goal), vs side to side (computer game)
  • 10th4r
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    I play controlling my CAM in player career mode for much the same reasons. Not sure if that's what you mean by "locked on". I also find that being a bit smarter about defence than the AI can really limit the opposition's ability to get a shot off, and being a bit smarter/seeing the bigger picture on attack can help a lot on that front too.

    I don't have the camera view that you mention though. I have the side to side mode. I believe you can select a different view in the game settings.

    I worked my way up to Legendary with the Operation Sports slider set, except with injuries turned way down, using Semi-Assist passing/shooting controls etc. I'm currently trying all manual controls and I'm up to Pro because I could just about hack it on World Class but when I tried it sucked most of the enjoyment out of the game. I'm finding issues with shooting on manual which might partly explain that though - too many shots seem to vary widely from the direction I was trying to shoot, almost like it's picking the direction up from the controller much earlier than it used to do.
  • I only can play as locked. Fifa 18 is so difficult on world class to play as the whole team. I like the idea of finding a prospect and playing as him. Saw a complete breakdown of the idea on another posting board. So you are not alone
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