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Dear EA

After playing Football games for more than 10 years I tried FUT for the first time this year. Since I'm a old fashioned player I just play offline matches. First of all i have to say that the mode is great! Transfering players with the App, doing SBCs, trying to get the best possible team... just a great mode. I also do not agree with people complaining that packs can be bought for real money. I think it is a great business idea which deserves to make profit out of it. 

Now to the downside. As much as getting the best cards is enjoyable, actually playing the game with these players is just a very very bad joke. The better my team gets the bader they play! The longer you play the more the game results seem to be random. In a lot of games you just can not win (finals in cups for example or when just 1 point is needed to win a title). Further there are a lot of really annoying little things like very bad runs of my players (please run in open space and not behind the defender), passes of world class players directly to the defenders, 60 pace players which are faster than my 91 pace player, my 90 phy player falls over while doing a tackle against a 65 phy player (?!?), hitting the post / bar, etc, etc.

I do not beleive in the momentum. But it seems that EA tries to get the games as interesting as possible by boosting players because of many different little factors. In normal mode this is ok for me. But in FUT it's completly nonsnese!

How FUT should work like:
- having the best players should be an advantage
- there should‎ be NO other factor which influences the skills of my players (they should NOT be nervous in a final for example) beside player stats and chemistry
- chemistry is a great concept but should only be used to prevent that everyone have to have Messi and Ronaldo in their team (the better a player is, the more difficult it should be to get 100 chemistry)
- if i put up the AI level, the AI should get better instead of my players getting worse

I think with this even more money could be generated. First of all the game would be fun and not be frustrating. ‎Secondly it would make sence to buy packs to get the best players... in the actual mode this is definitly not the case.

Until this is not been changed I will keep trading, will definitly not buy packs and not play matches in FUT again...


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    I just posted something similar a couple hours ago. My complaint was that when I play offline and EA can't control my games, my players perform perfectly. But when I play online, I go through these phases of matches where my players are perfect like offline mode for a few games, but then after I been winning a few, I just suddenly feel my players are absolutely dog s***. All the things you said happen to me too. The atrocious passing. Players not making easy runs into space. Defenders just standing around letting opposition literally walk through my team. Easy shots to score hitting the post like 3 times a game. Then sudennly after a few games like this, sometimes up to 20, my team is good again.. I honestly can't play like this. How the hell do they make a football game, but you can't even do the basics? Some matches I literally sit there saying saying to myself this is a disgrace... I used to love this game since road to World Cup 98, since FIFA 16 and 17 I'm losing patience. Every time I play this game I rip it out the machine after a few games and leave it for a couple days. Not sure I'll be buying next FIFA if it's the same crap.
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    Your points are great and I personally agree with alot
    Let me give you an alternative fact. The game is almost perfect all those things you ask for already exist in game
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    Your points are great and I personally agree with alot
    Let me give you an alternative fact. The game is almost perfect all those things you ask for already exist in game

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