Losing to zero shot opponents

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We've all had those games where your team generates lots of shots but the computer seems to have decided Thou Shalt Not Score, only to lose to the opponents via a goal from their only shot of the game (often in the last two minutes).

It's even more annoying when you lose to opponents who never take a shot in the whole game because the AI decided that your defenders would create an own goal for them!


  • JobeRogerson
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    Shots - 1, On Target - 0, Goals - 1.
  • SACanuckinOz
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    I purchased the replay game thing for that very thing. BTW, the commentators frequently alert you to this by the "goalkeeper really on song today, looks like he won't be beaten" type of line
  • 10th4r
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    Yes, once you understand how some of the game works underneath, there are a lot of lines from the commentators that have an extra layer of meaning :-(
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