Lag today?

Hows the lag today? Last night was awful?

Is it worth logging in?


  • JonRambo
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    No dont do it, its a ******** joke. Its so unbearable and the button delay is ****. Its so frustrating its not even funny.

    Ea upgrade your ****** servers you tight *****.
  • [Z]one[ONE]
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    JonRambo wrote: »
    No dont do it, its a ******** joke. Its so unbearable and the button delay is ****. Its so frustrating its not even funny.

    Ea upgrade your ****** servers you tight *****.
    Use less popular players! Fortunately I don't play the game anymore but this worked for me when I did!
  • Solari
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    did they change anything? never experienced that bad before like this WL lol..
  • JonRambo
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    I swear i have never experienced so much button delay in a game before, how is this even possible. Its like the more the game goes on it does it more as well.

    What even causes it?
  • UrinDenialP
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    Not sure why your getting it and mine has virtually disappeared.
    Got some lag last night which made even Battlefield 1 a bit hit n miss.
    So gave up gaming for the night and watched a film on kodi.

    Overall though last 2 patches has fixed everything.
    Last 3 or more years of input lag gone.
  • JonRambo
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    Maybe its certain regions ? Im in Australia and i nearly broke my control because of this and i have never raged in a game before playing fifa.

    The frustrating thing is when it doesnt lag i love it, but when it lags and button delay its enough to want to break something or hit someone. So if this continues, i think im gojng to go to the gym and take it out on the weights :neutral:
  • Im UK.

    With fibre broadband. Never usually expirience button delay or lag. But last couple of days its been really bad.

    I have port forwarding on my router as well.

    I agree the last patches have fixed gameplay brilliantly and was loving it.

    However, this lag is killing me.

    I dunno if its me or an EA problem? Like i said, always been really lucky with Lag.
  • UrinDenialP
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    Port forwarding won't change lag.
    Thats just to help establish the connections required.

    Imo ea have changed something in the way they test or they have corrected the lag comp.
    The only real way to see if you have the delay is by posting up a vid of your play.

    Some people complain of 2 seconds delay.

    Mine was minimal but still enough to lose most 50/50 balls etc.
    As a result you cant play aggressive front foot defending because your always at a disadvantage on every tackle and more prone to leaving yourself open as a result.

    Now the delay has gone.
    Although havent played today and saturdays tend to be the worst for heres hoping lol
  • Lag is awful ...
    And if you take a look at the timeclock during the game you realise how bad it is.

    And they will silenced that with some "crazy" packs :D
  • Fab
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    tons of button delay for me, while i usually have no problems rip
  • Staggie
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    So it isn't just me! I got into a game about 20 mins ago and it was horrible. Not button delay but that lag that freezes then speeds up? Every 5 seconds I got that. The opponent wasn't very good so I took it all the way to penalties and even then, STILL speed lagging in penalties so I ended up losing

    I came on here to post to see if anyone else was having this because 100% not on my end. Glad I saw this post.
  • Batesonlayseggs
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    I thought I had input delay too but when I tried an offline FUT game I felt the same way. Shielding has been heavily nerfed, a and y passes are a lot more inaccurate and it takes longer for the ball to be released when making a pass.

    It's the patch. High pressure+counter attacking play will thrive now, people will take advantage of the unresponsive passing and poor control from players, profiting from this by being able to push up and steal the ball from your Kante who's still winding his foot back to make a pass he intended to make a year ago. A through ball later and you've conceded.

    I predict the game will become far more defensive now because people will be punished far more easily for the unresponsiveness of their players. People will "Learn how to defend" by adjusting the individual settings of their players to "stay back while attacking".
  • It's definitely lag for me.
    Look at the timeclock running, its crazy.
  • I thought i may have broken my contoller being a bit overly aggressive with it. Lol

    However, i just played an offline FUT and expeirenced the same issue.
    - players mis timing tackles
    - Running away when chasing towards goal
    - Turning and dribbling slow

    I played full offline (normal fifa not FUT) and it seemed to be fine.

    Whatever EA have done in the pst couple of days needs to be changed back. ❤️❤️❤️❤️!
  • Not one game been ok today
  • BeardedBerk
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    Every game is 1-2 second input delay for me, using netduma router and I've yet to see a so called UK server for FUT champs, everyone is in California which isn't helping one bit
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