I have lost 60k on SIF Coleman but I like what you are doing EA

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Those organized price fixing spoiled kids needed a lesson and you gave them a lesson.kudos EA


  • Pughy30
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    People should of had patience it was obvious their was gonna be SBC's and packs for Chinese new year
  • Philg28
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    Shame they didn't half the price of FIFA points aswell as the coin price on the packs
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    He will rise again. People panic easily
  • Alp_2760
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    Philg28 wrote: »
    Shame they didn't half the price of FIFA points aswell as the coin price on the packs

    The idea is to take coins out of the game, not flood it with more.
  • same.... i lost 75k on him
  • SeaDawgBob
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    I like what they're doing to try and ease the market, the only way to combat the crazy inflation is to release more inventory. What they need to do next year is Cap the amount of 1 player you can have. Similar to the Unassigned (Your limited to 5)
  • TeamRem
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    You can't really pricefix an IF card in the first few days of its totw period. Coleman was expensive because there was no WL reward giveout and because of no pack specials until now.

    I'm happy everyone's cheaper in this totw too. I was worried they'd all be too pricey.
  • FaFiFa
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    Well, there is nothing you cannot do if you are well organized.there was one time when SIF Forsberg was extinct without any reason- this was way before IBRA was a candidate for POTM.another time if Vardy was extinct.those were all operations from this gang.the latest one was SIF coleman
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