'25k' SBC Packs

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So I decided to try a few of the SBC's out this week as I've seen some people get some joy from them ... I had 200k before I stated, done all the so called 25k ones and the 45k PSG one ... players sold and discarded and I'm down to 155k!! Can't believe how bad the packs actually were, hope people reading this had better joy than I did.


  • Crossland
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    Packs are useless mate,the weights are ridiculous
  • DobbyDooDah
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    Thing is you only need one of the packs to be decent and you're well up. I did a run of 25ks the other day as I'd never touched them.

    I had 12 and packed 2 x MOTM Mbembas, a bunch of 84s and an IF Telles.

    The cost of the SBCs can often be much lower too if you're patient. Especially if you're patient enough for bidding.
  • Primal
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    Ive done most the sbcs and used around 200k fp (alot ino) my best pull was totg varane worth about 200k. This fifa the pack weights are awful
    It has put me off for life ha
  • Uppedcart
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    The PSG one gave me Marco Reus, I also had Alexis Sanchez from the Laca SBC so effectively got a free Laca!
  • Invincibility
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    These were good untill the movember cards.. nowadays they are a joke
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