Sergio Rico Hidden Gem?

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Why is he sooooo good for me on my laliga squad???
Tried others but always coming back to Sergio Rico...
Doesn't make stupid mistakes.

Tried Rulli the argentina GK R. Sociedad because of his better stats but made mistake after mistake.
Sergio Rico went back and everything seems normal again.
Now i wanted to try an IF goalkeeper IF Asenjo spanish GK Villarreal
But i directly conceded 2 stupid goals
They are both 189cm and Rico is 194cm...

Best 700coins you will ever spend in my opionion...


  • PelzyWelzy
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    His silver card last year was great.

    Remember watching Zwe use him in f8tal and he pulled off save after save, prompting me to try him myself. I wasn't disappointed.

    This was at a time that guy Kolodzwiwotshecalled was a silver La Liga CB as well. He was equally as impressive.

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