why are the same players IF all the time

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so many repeat players get an IF. it's absolutely ridiculous. and they're always big names as well. there are so many players out there who deserve a single IF but don't get it while people like ramos and kane get loads. it's a joke.


  • Jamiebanksrfc1986
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    Big names means more packs will be opened and pack weight will be set to low so ea make money. But comes first of may we are going to see see the pack weights of ea packs as new China law comes in to affect.

    So we will see your chances of getting top rated players informs motm Toty tots and I will be you they will be low.

    But end of day it's down to pack luck as well
  • McRaven
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    They play really well. A central back who scores the two goals that gets his team the victory definitely deserves an IF. Same with Kane, the guy is on fire. Those are also the guys that sell because they are popular.
  • SSSplendid
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    It's just natural that the best players get the informs, that's why they're the best lol, but yeh, would like to see more of the lesser players get informs too.
  • aladdin
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    i don't get how andy carroll didn't get one this week. it's mental
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