7.5k packs v Promo packs

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Anyone else firmly believe in 7.5k packs reward more than the promo ones? I've been a sucker and put points in countless times and seem to get nothing apart from the awful IF, Dost etc. However in 7.5k packs I've packed Zlatan, TIF Eriksen, De Bruyne etc


  • exzoo
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    The promo packs with 20 consumables are never worth it imo
  • donnel
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    every pack is the same to me after the numbers of 2500 fifa points packs i oppened during the toty getting 80 rated players, opening 5 straight packs of 30 gold rare players not getting walkout and only 82 rated showed me that there is no packs that gives you luck, i also packed modric in free pack on monday after packing him like 7 times (in less than 1000 points fifa packs) since fifa is out, so that means the chances are the same in all the packs
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