CB parternship Workrates...

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Do any of you have a preference on your CBs workrates?... I always make sure they're M/H or L/H but try to have both the same... Might it be better to have one of each?


  • sounders3
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    Atleast one M/H or L/H and either one of the same or M/M. If the player is good enough, like Thiago Silva, then H/H is alright. I stay away from H/M CBs. Find them easy to exploit.
  • T19TPH
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    I always have one L/H (Barzagli, Chiellini) and M/M (Azpi IF).
  • Baznotsobad76
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    The thing is I have Bonucci and Manolas in one team and Barzagli and Chiellini in another... I'm wondering if swapping Barzagli and Bonucci over so I have both L/H and M/H in both teams will work better or kinda spoil the symmetry....
  • Sandell85
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    I have ramos h/m and smalling m/h and havent found anything wrong with that
  • Izzy2K17
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    Chielini and Barzagli L/H are never out of place ;)
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