Is it worth it to hold on to IF Bale or will he get a TOTS?

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I don't think he will get a TOTS, so I have been holding this IF bale as I think it will be his only upgraded card this year. Anyone think he will get a TOTS? or should i just hold for my Real collection.


  • I EvO I
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    He def won't get a TOTS, but I'm not sure it's "worth" holding onto him. His price is pretty high and I think it's got some room to come down, just my 2c though.
  • Karma
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    1.7m is too high a price tag, if you care about several 100ks.

    if not, just keep.
  • LuckyStrikE
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    I dont want to risk him going extinct for like 200k. he is at min right now, but there is not that many up compared to other cards. How far do we think he will drop because the last adjustment he actually went up 100k?
  • I EvO I
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    I mean I personally think he will drop a little more, TOTS just started and usually there's quite a hype when BPL TOTS comes out too, I think that will bring prices down further. If you're not in the need for a few extra 100k (at best) then just keep him IMO
  • LuckyStrikE
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    Ill hold for now. I just hope they dont pull a "TOTY David Luiz" on Bale just to sell packs.
  • tyler
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    id hold
  • WoundedGoat
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    He would be a RW if he squeaked into TOTS, his position change may well let him higher priced.
  • Agent VZ
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    He will only get cut 200k if anything .. Now the drops are way too small to sell up and not play the game
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