Brozovic SIF and 4-3-3(4) or Dybala and 4-?-(?)-2

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My team (PS4) currently 4-3-3(4) with circa 140k:


Barzagli (Nov)


El Shaarawy
Icardi (TIF)

Initial idea was to get Brozovic and stick with the formation I currently have (and like). After Dybala putting 4 goals past me last night I'm considering changing to a 2 up front, as dropping Icardi is not an option (averaging nearly a goal a game and has singlehandedly carried me from Div 5 to Div 2).

Also considering changing one of my centre backs to Chiellini.

Thoughts / suggestions welcome...


  • Shahski
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    All I know is SIF Brozivic scores 90% of long shots. Crazy how good he is
  • potato_hater
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    Dybala is one of the best strikers in the entire game, if not the best NIF striker easily
  • Dalebert
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    Brozovic - 1
    Dybala - 1

    Reluctant to change formation but every time I play against Dybala he scores...
  • DeeJaYx90
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    Dybala at CAM was great for me a couple of months back in a 4-2-3-1

    Prefer Dybala to TIF Icardi and SIF Brozovic

    Edit - Just remembered 4-3-3(4) isn't the CAM one not sure he'd be good in cm
  • Oliver Powell
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    dybala was trash for me.

    bro all the way
  • Dalebert
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    4-3-3(4) does have a CAM position, currently occupied by Jovetic, who is actually very good. Would Dybala CAM be better than Brozovic CAM...?
  • Milonair
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    I got in 41212(2) :

    Dybala-TIF Icardi
    Sif brozovic
    Marchisio-de rossi-Naingolan
    Alex sandro-chielini-barzagli-florenzi

    Awesome squad no one I'd like to replace (got 400k+ cash)
  • Dalebert
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    Very nice, it will be a while before I can afford both Dybala and Brozovic.

    How's Marchisio, have heard conflicting reports! And Chiellini better than Bonucci and Nov Barzagli?
  • Milonair
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    I like marchisio, decent defending and chiellini is like a rock for me, also his height for defending corners is great imo.
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