Need some advice pls with player switching

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Tried looking a bit on youtube for a tutorial on it but every defending tutorial is identical and self explanatory (jockey, teammate pressure, positioning etc.) but the one thing I need help with is the one thing I can't find anything about. It's player switching.

As the game is played my anticipation is great, I anticipate where the ball is about to go before the opponent even passes I see the plays from a mile away yet the one issue I have is a big one for me. I can't seem to switch to that player fast enough to defend the way I had planned out in my head. I've tried to use the right stick for a while now to switch but it's a lot of hit and miss (for example when there's 2 players on the box and you aim at the one you want but it'll switch to the other one and even a second in that situation is deadly so you can't recover from it). I haven't used LB for a while to switch players not sure if that's better this fifa ? Some of you probably use a combo of LB+RS but if I can ask...what's the % of using one over the other ?

Any tips or videos that talk more about player switching and how I can switch faster to the player (some good opponents when they switch, as soon as they select the player he's breathing on my neck) and when I do it the player is a meter or 2 away and before you select him and get to the defending position the ball is somewehere else and before you know it the opponent is in the penalty box.


  • DarthGrowler
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    I've done the same as you, YouTube and Reddit etc but honestly player switching is so broken that nothing actually helped. When I try use the right stick it's random and LB needs to be hit about 4 times to get the right man
  • AkeySlake
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    It's knackered mate. Single biggest issue I've faced since the beginning of FIFA 17 (other than me being crap).
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    Definitely the most frustrating mechanic for me. I always love it when you have a CB selected, hit straight right on the analog stick, and instead of any of your midfielders being selected, the game selects your lone striker who is literally the 4th player away.
  • Reus To Meet You
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    Player switching is one of the most broken thing in is game, I can never pick the defender I want first time and by the time I have the attacker is already celebrating their goal!!

    I have tried every method going as well, nothing works.
  • McRaven
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    Remove auto switching and switch to air balls only. That has helped me a bit. You can try to get better with the right stick, but it's not perfect. You can use RB (second man pressing on Xbox) and then select the player you think you'll need beforehand. Hope they fix this in the next Fifa 'cause it has always been a problem for me.
  • Jaedric_Kaine
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    I have the same problem and it has cost me many a time. Besides all that you all have mentioned, the part that gets me is when I do switch to the player I want, he immediately changes direction for a split second and that is enough for triple pace Musa to blow past me.

    I've tried to do the setting where the player will keep moving in the direction he was going for a moment before you switch to him but either I was doing it wrong or it doesn't work as intended.

    The worst example I've ever seen of not being able to switch to the player closest to the ball was last night my CB was at the edge of the center circle in my own half and instead of passing forward, decided to pass backwards (thanks EA :( ). That left the opponent's striker chasing down the ball in space and I happened to have Nainggolan step for step with him chasing back to get the ball. I tried repeatedly to switch to my player because if I could have I would have easily muscled him off and won the ball. But no, of course not. Every method used to switch player basically cycled between my ST, CAM and Wingers. Nainggolan lost the race and the opponent easily put away the one on one with my keeper.

    I couldn't even be mad. I had to laugh at the complete bewildering **** I had just encountered.
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