I'm sick of the ball going between my players' legs

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Almost every time I put my player in position to intercept a pass he opens his **** legs and lets it right through. Happens when getting in front of a shot sometimes too. Literally has cost me numerous goals. IRL getting nutmegged is an embarassment, in FIFA they actively look for it. Anyone else get this way too much?


  • Painter753
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    Get it when going in for a tackle as the opponent is shooting all the time.

    Almost like my defenders purposely stick there legs out higher/ wider just so the ball can go though.

    Annoying as hell
  • Kai9623
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    I hate it when i dont press B but they make my player do a stand tackle just because he is near an opposition player... Happens most when opponent does a 1-2 pass
  • DtGodmage22
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  • ScrubsFifa101
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    Gotta be careful not to catch someone in the aftermath of the play in the box!
  • tikitaka33
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    Hate it when my defender spreads his legs perfectly to let the opponent's shot hit the back of the net.
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