Need help from XONE owners, will compensate it well.

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Hello there ! I've posted about my problem in my last thread, but now I have been contacted by EA, that there is no help for me. I bought used XONE, after my old one has broken. I cannot log into my XBL, the only help is to create new Gamertag, launch FIFA 17 and log in using my EA account and last step - open Ultimate Team.. Unfortunately, only hope is in you guys. I hope there is someone I can trust, I can tell you, I promise I will compensate it well.. If you want I can post screenshots from my club on the web app or from live chats, to make you sure that it is not a bait. Anyone would help, please ?


  • MaddMike3711
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    I'm not sure I understand completely, but shouldn't you just be able to reclaim your GT by entering in your details and it would pull it up on the new Xbox?

    Edit: also you can't offer compensation for help.
  • Alergi
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    Maybe the xbox you bought has been banned indefinitely from online because someone used stolen credit cards to purchase content. I know this because my friend bought a used unit and had the same issue.
  • krspav96
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    No, everything is allright, except FUT..
  • dazovic31111
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    yeah u should just be able to put ur email and passwprd from ur old gamertag in this xbone and it will work
  • krspav96
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    Unfortunately it is not working, do not know why.. :/ That hurts, because I have some free time and wanted to enjoy FIFA, but I spend more time on live chats (MS, EA) than playing game
  • ArmandoAZ
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    You know you'll need to create a new club from Scratch and sign up for Xbox Live again right? I'm not on console right now, otherwise I'd surely do it!
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