146 posts Has Potential To Be Special
I'm in div 3 now, and I would have been the undefeated world champion in this game a
trillion times now if my full finisher chem'd Jonas could hit obvious 100% goal chances.

But no, it's always 10% chance he hits an open goal, and if he hits the goal then it's a weak
girl shot.

I seriously don't understand why there is a shoot button when it's not working at all.

And no, I don't have time to charge up the shoots to make em hard...
Do you think the opponent is gonna give you 10 Seconds to charge up a hard shot in Division 3 and upwards?!

And it doesn't make it easier that the keepers are on steriods, they might be stupid, but EA have
compensated for that With godlike keepers.
There are times when I don't even dare to shoot because I know the keepers are just gonna save it anyway.

Why can't you make a game where I can finish off noobs?

All of the 100's of goals I have scored, I have been ''WT$!!!? The keeper didn't save it this time?!!!''

Is that how it is in real life? That you don't dare to shoot the ball 800km/h into the top corner because
you know the keeper is gonna jump to it like it's nothing?

But since there's no threads about this already, then I'm probably the only one who's tired of
players With 99 finishing ( Yes, that's literally 99) not being able to even hit an open goal.

Hire me EA so I can give you Game Design lessons.

First lesson would be: 'Making players on the pitch obey their stats'.


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