More World Cup bullsh!t

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This is the second time this has happened to me in Player Career mode.

Get to the World Cup (which typically takes 60-80 hours of play per four year period), play the group stage matches, score all or almost all of your team's goals to get through to the round of 16 (in this latest case by winning all three games with clean sheets, assisting one goal and scoring the rest).

Then when it comes to the round of 16 match your Player is not selected, despite being the highest ranked player in the entire squad, not just for his position. That match is simulated because you weren't selected and your team loses (in this case despite your team arguably being well favoured to win).

Why on earth would EA make a game that does that kind of **** to its customers? And (on top of all the other bugs and frustrating flaws) why on earth would they think that doing it to them would make customers consider throwing more money their way ever again? What was the freakin' product manager thinking?!

This and the other bugs are turning me off the EA brand, not just this game.
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