SBC Jonas Squads?

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Anyone have and SBC Jonas squads they'd wish to show? Have him in a club but not sure who to put around him. Thanks


  • CountD86
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    I can never post a pic but my squad is

    SBC Jonas
    IF Pizzi
    Costa - Sanches - IF Carvalho - IF Silva
    SBC Kurzawa - SBC Perrin - IF Dante - IF pereira
    IF Ruffier

    IF Pizzi is the perfect compliment to SBC jonas. Trust me on that one!
  • Batman_Llanber
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    I'll pick up IF pizzi then. Thanks :)
  • veltok
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    I use 433 (3), In minute one i change to 4321

    TOTGS Fahrman

    Piszczek IF Sokratis IF Manolas Sandro

    Renato sanchez IF Pizzi Naingollan

    SBC Douglas costa SBC Jonas e TOTGS Mertens

    Note: I couldn't play with him using the instruction Get in behind and false 9.

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