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TOTY Neuer price prediction

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Any have an idea/opinion - I don't know what he went for last year.

I packed Reus and Dembele from my monthlys last night and tempted to go back to bundesliga before I get home and play my WL matches.


  • Hullock04321
    549 posts Sunday League Hero

    Really can't decide which league to go with. Any ideas appreciated.
  • MahmouddKamal
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    Bundesliga is the way to go. Congrats on your pull, I packed Thiago and Dembele, along with some other useless players. Decided to go Bundesliga with Auba and Reus. All I can say is, Dembele is geniunly the 2nd best player I've played with after Ronaldo. And trust me, I've played with almost all players. Forget his card stats, in game he is UNREAL. 5 games 10 goals already.
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