Which CM to choose? Thanks in advance^^

I had Rakitic and Gomes on both CM positions before with Nani on the wing. Offensive both worked fine, but at Counters or Defensive wise i felt there was something missing so i built in Kante. Now i got Kante as Defensive CM but with the other CM i got a problem.

Rakitic got nice passes and shoots but less stamina,
Gomes got more def and phy and lacks a bit in his shoots also a bit less stamina,
IF N'Zonzi got high def/phy and goot passes but his offensive side is not that good,
IF Casemiro is agile with high def/phy but is in between with his shoots and passes.
IF Iborra is the slowest with 56 pace to the fastest Rakitic with 66, but he got high def/phy good shoots and passes.

So all of them got there pros and cons but it's hard to decide^^



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