FIFA 18 Career Mode Changes



  • I wish they could have a team B in career mode in fifa so you can send players to the second team. If they could have incorporate ideas from fifa manager would have been awesome. 29 days left and counting...
  • Ytar6000 wrote: »
    1) more real faces. I hate the generic ones. or if not real faces make them actually look more real fs
    2) id like to see more description in the manager stats on what you silverwear you win. I.e. Instead of saying league titles won, it should say FA Premier League x2, La Liga X1 and what years you won them etc
    3) overall stats for your players not just for a season, and what honours they have won too
    4) classic stadiums as dlc

    Thanks x

    Agree. I love italian teams but the players faces are awful. Only BPL scanned every year... Bad bad work here
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