Ben yedder if

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Price thoughts guys and gals?

Will be rocking
Bale - SBC lacazette
If Ben yedder

Buzzing is an understatement


  • PsychosisTime
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  • Realist
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    Dunno. Will be cheaper than if he was to be released a few weeks earlier or a few weeks later because of all the packs being opened which is great for me (and you and countless others no doubt)

    Reckon/hope around 40k he'll settle at? It's hard to predict these things tho. If Ibra potm requires a liga inform then it could bump his price up a bit

    So, in summary, I have no idea :lol:
  • nicklasolling
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    Thinking a bit more expensive than Vietto IF, so around 30-35k :)
  • maps212
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    I would imagine a similar sort of price to Dele Alli. There are guaranteed TOTW packs so should be cheaper than he usually would be. Ill guess at 30k
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