Some light on game manipulation

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Basically just one of those games that confirms a few issues that people often deny or overlook. Had a quick go in seasons came up against a silver A-League team, from kick off as i usually do i ping a few balls around to help suss out potential lag, delay etc and it seemed fine.

As soon as he got the ball he paused, i assumed to put on some stronger players as i have a decent team so yeh all good..he then paused another 3 times. I managed to score a reasonably early goal while controlling the game then also received a penalty (and send off for him) to go up 2-0 only for him to score straight after as my team and players froze up and began being super unresponsive, so after his pausing and this my team were severely slowed down from the initial smooth responsive game play, passing, runs, accuracy etc which leads me to both lag induced to even up the game and the game interfering to even up the playing field, possibly both but i have experienced the in game manipulation or 'changes' as i will call them that the game or coding does to even a game up and give players either positive help or negative restrictions. Now the change in my team was very obvious and i honestly believe this was no accident or coincidence. Game ended 7-2 where he was basically given 2 goals, i dominated most stats still but funnily enough still made 27 tackles (i do defend manually sometimes still) but as he was being assisted and getting rebounds etc i had to re-tackle 2,3 or 4 times as well as my accuracy taking a hit and general super sluggish players giving balls away.

In conclusion i think being silvers enhanced any assistance he might have got in game and restraints to my players stats etc, probably similar for bronze and to a smaller extent other team v team rating and chem differences. I just feel this as well as countless other games further show some of the big but hidden or ignored issues within the game which i feel should be noted and at least responded to! sure i still won, sure i should have against a silver team and average player but that isn't the point...myself and others want a fair and unbiased game :)
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