Pepe v Blue Varane

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Currently have Pepe next to Hierro. Got enough to get TOTGS Varane, would you?


  • xHerdie
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    love him, such a great defender and huge improvement over the NIF... havent used Pepe though so cant compare

    did have Hierro next to Varane for 50odd games and that was actually the last time i made Gold 1. Great partnership
  • Fred is Bae
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    He's the best CB i've used this year 100% (Varane)
  • Hodgy
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    Thanks guys, might do it then. Love Pepe but I was looking at Varane's stats are liked how a) he's obviously faster and b) he seems like he will be a lot more comfortable on the ball.
  • Stu768
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    Boateng Rio totgs varane in a back 3 has been unreal for me highly recommend
  • Izzy2K17
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  • Hodgy
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    Just bought Varane, I'll play a bit with him tomorrow and see how it goes. Worse case I can always sell and get Pepe back.
  • Carlos181
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    Blue Varane.
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